AV Digitisation and Digital Preservation TechWatch Report #03

Through the development of communities of practice during 2014, the Presto4U project has gathered information regarding the shape and scale of technical challenges faced by the audiovisual archiving community. In parallel, we have taken a deep dive into the technology supply side to gather information on products in the market today to see where research is heading that will hopefully solve the challenges that continue to exist.

This third TechWatch Report has been written by Members of the PrestoCentre involved in the Presto4U project. This report is less product & feature focussed as the previous tech watch reports as the writers have taken time to look at the formats and standards that are emerging and seem to be winning across the industry.
The name of the game these days is interoperability and the industry at its core is changing as companies begin to focus on very specific tools that can plug into a wide range of platforms. This not only changes things for users but also for the companies providing solutions
in terms of their business models and how they charge for their technology. 

PrestoCentre’s TechWatch Reports are about identifying technology trends and business issues which exist in digital AV archiving and finding a way to bring clarity in a language that is accessible to nonspecialists.