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Recente additions

05/01/2021 Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art: Challenges and Perspectives Bekijken
16/12/2020 Regel je rechten – beslismodel auteursrechten Bekijken
10/12/2020 The Agile AV-Archive. Prestige and identity in times of technological change Bekijken
10/12/2020 Het Wendbare AV-Archief. Aanzien en identiteit in tijden van technologische verandering Bekijken
09/12/2020 Whitepaper Voorkeursformaten Bekijken
16/11/2020 Kennisplatform CEST Bekijken
09/11/2020 [AVA_Net Kenissessie] Collectie Rijksdienst voor de IJsselmeerpolders Bekijken

About this website

The AVA_Net knowledge base contains various knowledge publications (e.g. blogs, manuals and reports) in the field of audiovisual archiving. Publications are sourced both from Dutch organizations and the international audiovisual heritage domain.
This knowledge base is intended for everyone who is involved in audiovisual archiving within institutions that manage and make available heritage collections - archives, museums, broadcasters and other cultural and governmental bodies. In addition, the knowledge base is also designed to be of interest to students, researchers and interested nonprofessionals.

About AVA_Net

AVA_Net is an independent network for audiovisual collection holders in the Netherlands. The network is a representative reflection of all sectors in which audiovisual heritage is managed and made available. It offers a platform for knowledge exchange and represents the interests of the domain. In this way, AVA_Net reinforces the position of audiovisual heritage in the Netherlands.