Digital Preservation Sound and Vision: Policy, Standards and Procedures. 2019 Edition.

This is an updated version of the Digital Preservation Sound and Vision: Policy, Standards and Procedures document from 2016. The purpose of this document is to further contribute to the development and promotion of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (in short Sound and Vision or NISV) as a leading media archive that has identified sustainable digital preservation as one of its leading business processes. With that in mind, this document explicitly outlines all principles and choices that form the basis for execution of this business. The digital objects and their lifecycle are defined, services and guarantees are described in detail and a record is made of how Sound and Vision complies with technical and staff quality requirements. By documenting the current policy and the standards employed, it is possible to account to all parties that entrust their digital collections to Sound and Vision, to the users of those collections, and to subsidy-awarding bodies. The document also offers the staff of Sound and Vision transparency and clarity on the rules and procedures that apply.